By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.

John 13:35

Winter draws to a close.
Spring is near and
Summer is coming fast.
Alleluia, Alleluia

A New Beginning. Bliss, Integrity, Fortitude and Wisdom.
A New Love Awakens.


Enlightenment Blooms

1.) An understanding that harmony, community, and freewill are the highest ideal; A balance of union and parity. Universal Liberty.
2.) The recognition that we are all One. Light, Matter, and Energy all come from the same Eternal Source. Time exists to create experience, conciousness, consequence, and memory. Perception.
3.) The Wisdom to know that Good and Evil are not entirely separate, they coexist, but that with higher consciousness one can decide a path between the two, maximizing harmony. Life can choose to minimize harm and promote synergy.
4.) The universe is governed by attraction, repulsion, emotion and intelligence; Motion, symmetry, gravity and chaos are resultant. Providence, coincidence, and conflux create reality. Maximum diversity within a balanced structure.
5.) An acknowledgement that independence, interdependence, and the Cosmos coexist to propel experience. Time expands on the truth of many moments. Tomorrow is a construct.Tension when suddenly released can dramatically alter the future.Tip.
6.) Syneoma is the knowledge that synergy is far more powerful than sin. Synergy builds, sin extinguishes. All energy is precious, relationships evolve but peace and mutual aid are the ideal. Energy is transitional.Flux.
7.) Hunger is the cost of life. Greed is a lack of Empathy and a condition of Sorrow. Anger, Fear, Hatred are powerful forces of reaction . The antidote is Mother's Milk. Love shared freely, the willingness to aid, brings true salvation.
8.) Forgiveness is an essential path to enlightenment. Building bridges of peace creates a new present and ends a cycle of living in the past. A new higher state of possibility exists when resentment falls away.
9.) Truth is multifaceted. Perception is often a result of limited sight. An enlightened being can see all sides and lives within wisdom. Acknowledgement of our current limitations is the first step towards real sight.
10.) Control is an illusion and a false premise. Fate and destiny are not fully in the grasp of man. Ultimate control exists only with God. We are only a part of the whole. One of many, many of One. Praise Be.